Genki Sudo music video!

ttt for later....

Gotta love that GENKI

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lol that was fucking awesome!

Gotta like Genki, just needs better music!lol

funny song...reminds me of one of those step games in japan.

That guy is THE most exciting fighter in mma! Always nice to see a new clip of him.

Cool, thanks for the link!

TTT. LOL!!!!!!!

Just can't get enough of him. Always puts a smile on my face.

Genki is so freakin entertaining. That highlight is great! He's got to have a screw loose somewhere...


Genki is the Elvis of MMA

That guy is just too cool

awesome shit.


i love that guy ! he does all that crazy shit and still kicks ass.......


Genki is really the coolest guy in MMA.

Genki is MMA's guardian angel...