Genki Sudo rolling with Pancrase fighter

I wish I could move this fluidly.

smooth like butta

 one of my All-Time favorites

amazing movement

his sparring vid is cool too


Lol he's just class


Voted up for Sudo.

 fucking great vid. I love that guy

watching him roll is like watching water move.

truly a master of human geometry.

Damn. It just looks effortless. Amazing.

definitely a sudo fan here

lol...yeah, a bit theatrical, but was it a work? logic would say yes......but genki is pretty impulsive and unorthodox...I could see him legitimately trying something like that.

this ones been on here a million times but its so good I'll post it again.

 THANKS FOR THE VID...I voted you UP

genki is awesome

TTT, Sudo is the man!Where did he learn his jiu-jitsu skills?


Lee, those ninja warrior vids arent working for me....just says 'loading' forever.