Genki Sudo rolling with Pancrase fighter

FabioVargas - TTT, Sudo is the man!Where did he learn his jiu-jitsu skills?

 He was at Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu for awhile. He was a brown belt if I am not mistaken. I am not sure where he started though

I've always thought Genki's bjj, must like his mma and standup was the most fun to watch...super entertaining fighter



its hard to even think as fast as he rolls

But really the best place for him was on a UFC undercard.He just isn't that entertaining of a fighter.

(please add a liberal amount of sarcasm and disgust to the tone of this post)

nice moves


Genki's got some flying triangles fo yo ass

Genki is almost indescribable. I didn't even know he fought Royler, that was great. Would love to see him against Penn!!!

Shanks V3.0 - lol...yeah, a bit theatrical, but was it a work? logic would say yes......but genki is pretty impulsive and unorthodox...I could see him legitimately trying something like that.

That was most definitely not worked. Genki Sudo likely learned that move from his buddy Takaharu Murahama, another crazy, unorthodox fighter. Murahama tried it on Ryan Bow, but lost his balance when Bow opened his guard and fell back on top. Genki landed the move in Pancrase 3 months later (the vid shown above). Murahama later landed it on Chris Brennan, then proceeded to perform the most hilarious victory celebration EVA. Genki's looked smoother, but Murahama's was on a much higher quality fighter.

As for the first vid... it's amazing. Genki is an unusual talent. He just "gets" fighting, much in the same vein that BJ Penn or GSP does. It comes naturally to him, it looks so easy for him. Why did he have to retire? :(

Genki isnt that good of a grappler

i mean he had the Sharp Shooter staring him the face there against Royler.

could of ended it right there but he had to finish with strikes, pfft.


Posted this on another forum. It's awesome. Genki is an amazing grappler. No point scoring shit, just all progressive submissions.

"No point scoring shit, just all progressive submissions."

That's what I love about japanese grappling.

lol @ Prince.


Hotspur12 -
I have noticed he's been hanging around at MMA events more recently (he was at Sengoku supporting good friend Gomi and has done some commentating at FEG events (he was next to Kid at DREAM commentating), so you never know about a comeback. Other Japanese fighters (like Funaki) and many, many Japanese Pro-Wrestlers have retired fairly young only to be drawn back in.

But those guys (like Funaki) have generally come back as shells of their former selves and fought like shit. The longer a fighter stays away, the more ring rust builds up.

That said, I would wet myself if Genki fought again. You're right that he is an extremely rare talent.


Kneeblock - Excellent vids.
Who were those guys in the Westside Submission tourney? Anyone we know today? That's a lot of matches in one day for such a dinky trophy. :-)

I could be wrong, but I believe the first guy he beats in that vid is Bao Quach.

The guy is a modern Ninja.

I agree completely with your post. Basically, if Genki does make a comeback, it should be sooner rather than later. And I think EVERY MMA fan would love to see it.