Genki vs Bean WHooaaa

I cant believe Genki beat him dammmn impressive!!! via heel hook .Genki is a stud

why would you have thought Bean would win?

I wasn't expecting any other result to be honest.

how long did it last? any shots landed?

lol at the people discrediting Genki for beating someone more than Twice his size. Butterbean KOed a very GAME Fujimoto, proving he is not just a scrub.

Genki is a stud. Nothing more, nothing less.

Genki is my favorite fighter to watch! The guy has an awesome ring persona!

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Butterbean landed two shots standing that I remember. One to Genki's arm and one to his back. Genki threw occasional kicks that bounced harmlessly off his 400+lb opponent. Butterbean was uncharacteristicly passive. He only charged a couple of times with Genki literally turning his back and sprinting away. I guess Butterbean was afraid of the takedown. Genki, nevertheless, took him down at the end of the first round (Genki's only takedown attempt) Butterbean secured a closed guard used and used it effectively, neutralizing Genki and striking from the bottom. Genki eventually broke the guard and had a heel hook locked on as the round ended.

In the second round Genki threw a jumping double kick and the fighters got tangled up and fell down with Butterbean on top. Genki quickly spun underneath and secured the heel hook for the tapout.


Fujimoto got knocked out in K-1 . This was MMA . What is so surprising that someone with no MMA training or pro fights got beat by a fighter with many MMA fights under his belt? It isn`t surprising and the result was what was expected.

You people think the same thing would hapeen with a K-1 rules match ? I don`t. That fight gets about as much credit as him fighting someone at the YMCA with no experience either.

willie do realise bean is a superheavyweight boxer??? not exactly just some random bum of the street.give credit where credit is due and stop being such a damn hater...

ttt for the stud.

exactly if bean connected once solidly to genki he'd get ko'd if you don't know that your a fool.its hard to overcome that huge of a weight difference.

"559 views and 6 posts..... " I can't speak for the others but I was hoping for video of the fight...906 views and 16 posts.

"Butterbean KOed a very GAME Fujimoto, proving he is not just a scrub."

Butterbean did NOT KO Fujimoto. Butterbean won when Fujimoto injured his shoulder or some shit. The knockdown punch barely even landed, and Fujimoto was back on his feet in like 3 seconds. But the fight was stopped because Fujimoto was injured.