genki vs bj - who wins?

this would be a GREAT FIGHT if they met at 155lbs. who would win? i'd go with bj because he just seems so smooth right now and ultra confident. genki is awesome though. tough fight to call. i wish someone would make this happen.

your opinion?

bj but be a great fight


fight of the year, I really cant pick a winner.

Penn. the size differecne would be a lot to overcome for Genki.

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i agree about the size difference. if they both came in at 155 lbs, i see bj cutting weight for the weigh-ins but then bloating up to near 163 lbs. isn't bj's regualr walking-aroudn weight larger and heavier than genki's?

the speed showcased in this fight would be blazing! i'd love to see it. definitely fight of the year!

Anything can happen. I think BJ would definitely come in the favorite, but it could go either way.

If anything, I don't think Genki would be easily taken down or tapped out, and BJ can be hit or miss...especially looking at the 2nd Uno and Serra fights.

I'd pay to see it :)

hmm So weight does make a difference? Im surprised being everyone hating on Royler who gave up 12lbs.

I like Genki but Bj would hurt him.

"hmm So weight does make a difference?"


I seriously doubt BJ can even make 155 anymore. He has gotten too big. He walks around at about 185-190. It's not gym weight either if you know what I mean. Is BJ part Samoan?



wow, no one picking genki sudo at all. i thought at least some woudl choose him. i'll agree though, i think it's penn all the way. just don't see a way genki could beat him other than a KO because i doubt it'd be from a submission.


Goku- I'm just saying Penn (even the non tubby version) just looks like he is a naturally bigger guy than Sudo.

I would have to go with BJ by ko on this one.