GENKI vs "TUF" fighters

How would Genki fair? Would he easily take em?

He is smaller so he will be beaten.

"He is smaller so he will be beaten. "

tell that to Butterbean

You can't compare Butterbean to the TUF fighters. lol

a lot of thase guys are "ringers". they were already signed by UFC prior to foing on TUF.

I know no namers that could have beat butterbean.

Genki is a personal favorite of mine, but he would get owned by most of the fighters in TUF. Some of those guys are accomplished NHB fighters.

but you can't say just because he's smaller that he'd be beaten.

Any of the TUF fighters would own Genki.

I think Genki could beat his fair share of the MWs.

Genki being owned by some of those guys is a joke.

Sure Genki clowns around, but he is an incredible fighter, I bet he could hang with the middleweights and even some of the light heavies...he's fast and has mad grapplin' skillz.

Sudo is a 155 fighter you guys. You cant claim he would beat up middleweights and LHWs just because you like the way he dances.

He used to fight guys a weight class up when he was in Pancrase.

Sudo is a big LW and a lot of these guys are small
MWs. These guys grapple better than Royler? Strike
better than Bang? No way.

Genki is waaaaaay more skilled than most people realize. just because he fucks around doesnt mean he doesnt know his shit...

Thacker by anything he wants, round 1

Genki by whatever the hell he likes, he's not 10-3-1 for no apparent reason, guys. His 3 losses have been decisions, as well.

Please remember that Thacker has never been beaten.

After seeing how sloppy the fight was on last TUF, I think Sudo would have a blast fighting ither of those fighters, and would beat at least those two easily. He's a very smart very talented fighter with very unortodox striking and superior grappling.

Sudo by backfist to jab to backfist KO 0:01 seconds after he decides it's time to stop having fun.

(for those who doesn't know he actually KOd a guy in K-1 with backfist to punch to backfist. Coolest combo i've ever seen)

stupid thread.

lets all make a thread on how our favorite fighter would do against these guys.

how would, lets say phil baroni do against them?