Gentlemen’s Disagreement at Country Club Dinner

Just kidding. Grainy cell phone recording of a fight at a Wendy’s in inner city Milwaukee yesterday during dinner. 

Blue please:

I've seen bigfoot videos that were less blurry... and more civilized...

Was the camera drunk

I’m not even embedding that crap for you.

Here's a decent version:

Fake Pie - Here's a decent version:

Thanks fren!

If I was there, Instead of shouting “Worldstar”, I would be shouting “Voter base” lol

Looks like we found out where the beef was.

Burgundy shirt was not game AT ALL

I’ll allow it. 

Couple observations 

I did not know those fast food trash cans were not built in but are actually moveable. 

Grey shirt looks like he’s about 6’6”. He should be playing basketball.

When the kid jumped over the counter and came back out he clearly knew the layout of a fast food restaurant. 

I guess they shouldnt have left the cages unlocked