Geoff Johns is now President


That’s right. Geoff Johns is now President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.

Diane Nelson is still President of DC Entertainment, and Geoff still reports to Diane.Warner Bros has Presidents like Marvel has Captain Americas.

And while there was a lot of Hyatt bar gossip about this at San Diego Comic-Con, I understand from better-connected sources that Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also still report directly to Diane.

Apparently, this promotion happened a few months ago when his responsibilities were extended to co-running the DC film slate with Warner Bros studio’s Jon Berg, during  the Batman V Superman fallout.

They just didn’t think to tell anyone.

He’s still listed as Chief Creative Officer on DC Comics’ indicia, including comic books out tomorrow

You can see the current movie direction for Justice League and Wonder Woman as seen at San Diego Comic-Con as directly down to Geoff Johns, and his promotion from a mere CCO to P&CCO reflects this.

It’s good to be the king.

Geoff Johns is currently in London doing… stuff. I wonder if I’ll bump into him in Orbital Comics tomorrow?

DC Entertainment representatives declined to comment when approached.

It's good to see actual comic book people being involved in the film industry when it comes to superhero/comic book properties. For a long time, the comic book guys were the red-headed step-children of the industry. They were only around for promotion, then quickly kicked to the curb once things got down to business.