geoff thompson

He is a well known British MA writer. See

I heard of him being a very good writer on self defense and he is a high dan Karateka, don't know about his grappling ability although he is a Judo 1st dan.

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Who is this guy?I just bought one of his books on Sambo takedowns.I noticed he has alot of other books on grappling judo striking etc.Feedback would be great.Also The bookm cost me 12.49 england much is that in our dollars?

Geoff Thompson is the MAN when it comes to making technique work on the street. Tons of hands-on (fists-on?) experience as a doorman, buckets of qualifications (boxing/wrestling/karate/judo plus other stuff) and a prolific writer with good work on technique and even better work on the psychology - pressure testing/fear management/stress control etc.
Has been there, done it, and come out better for it - read Watch My Back, his autobiography some time, it's worth the effort. Plus he's a really nice bloke, both by rep and by my slight personal experience with him.
He's big in the UK MA scene, and deserves to be big in the US if he isn't already.

Probably can tell I'm a fan!

12.49 is 33.42 dollars in American

just kidding

LOL right to bear arms = right to get shot "

The problem with statements like this, as it shows the ignorance of the general public about firearms in the US.

The idea of "right to bear arms" is for legal, law abiding citizens to be able to bear arms.

The people doing the shooting and comminting the crimes in the US with firearms are CRIMINALS and are carrying firearms illegally.They could get guns regardless of whether the law abiding citizen has the right or not.

Agree 100% with Bigreddog

Bigreddog is correct.

"yeah but wouldnt u agree that the more legal guns in a society the more illegal?

US has proved this pretty convincingly"

Switzerland proves this just as convincingly, right?

God bless the NRA!...I mean, the USA.

Then why have gun crimes soared in Great Britain since it banned handguns in 1997? And why do U.S. states with the highest per capita ownership of guns have the lowest gun crime rates?

For all of the popular idea of the U.S. as a dangerous place, we lag behind most Western European nations in most categories of major crimes on a per capita basis. The big exceptions are homicide and rape, and our numbers in those categories have been falling, while Europe's has been rising.

Q. Best self protection book I've read?

A. 'Dead Or Alive' by Geoff Thompson.

Q. Best self protection video I've seen?

A. 'The Fence' by Geoff Thompson.

Q. Best MA related biography I've read?

A. 'Watch My Back' by Geoff Thompson

Ok, so he's a friend. He is still awesome though and I don't bullshit. He's written books I didn't like at all but he's also produced some of the best products out there IMO. And yes, he is an amazing grappler.

Im a big fan of geoffs but his ''throws and take downs'' books arent worth getting.

He only shows about 8 tecniques in each book, with very little explaination on each tecnique.

Geoff himself though is v.good.