Geometry Wars (Xbox 360)

Anyone else think this 7$ game is one of the funnest games ever? I can't stop playing... so far I've made it to 8,000,000, can't seem to beat it though.

This shit is addictive.

One of the greatest games ever.

Seizure wars, imo

Indeed Jonwell, this game is not for the faint of heart.

...oh my bad. I made 800,000 not 8,000,000. 839,285 to be exact.

lol @ tyson and all these lil addictive games he plays.. lemme guess tyson u play this more than oblivion

That game is ridiculous fun. I suck at it, and have only racked up about 200,000 points, but I'm slowly improving.

I think I'd be better if I had an HDTV. As it is, the screen has to scroll to the left and right.

Ya that is insane! By the time I get over 100 000 I'm damn near having a seizure and spazing out from the intensity. How that dude did that till 24 million is beyond my understanding.