GEOMMA Email me!

Hey Buddy,

Lost your email.  Email me.  Hope all is well.


Team CleanCo

Elvis, go to sleep, mate! :)


ttt for the combat list and Elvis

Getting ready to put my king of rock n rumble shirt on soon!



Good to see you posting again Elvis, haven't seen you around these parts in awhile. TTT for the King!

Been around posting... just not as much as I used to.


oh, i forgot this.... ttt for the combat list =)

The Combat List forever!

That is the daddy :-) ... something like that.. I used to have a bunch of old emails saved but 5 computers later and different OSes they are all gone..


ttt for more list members to post

Is that list still active? Man that's a blast from the past!

Met alot of really cool guys on that list.



brings back memories

Anabolic Mike is on his way over with Ty right away

Remember them from house of pain?

Way back

I definitely remember Mike. Say hi for me.