George Clooney blaming 'knucklehead' Trump for Biden's poll numbers

Dapper Dan man


Hollywood is irrelevant at this point. Their political propaganda has made them hated in this country so they now cater to China. Haven’t been to a movie theater in 2 years, after going almost weekly. Partially due to Covid now due to my hatred of them and I don’t miss it one bit.



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Nice callback.

lol do you?

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Suck my dick you homo.

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oral GIF

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Easily one of the biggest pussies in Hollywood.


isnt/wasnt he married to some bitch with some ties to terrorism?

He’s not entirely wrong about everything but the hoops he jumps through are hilarious.


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He’s trying to add 1+1 but keeps ending up with 3.8

Too bad, he was in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. I would have fucked with him, but ya know, have a job to work.

I do have a bull horn, and he was maybe 10 houses away. I could have sent a message if I saw him.

The message should be unambigous:

The guy lives in Italy where he feels zero impact from Bidens policies. People who are totally disconnected from a reality the average citizen is living will of course think there is something wrong with the polls.