George Floyd? How Many Bodys?

he spent most of his adult life committing crime. Two trips to the big house in Texas. Many trips to County Jail. . Last time I checked 14 or so convictions for varying and miscellaneous law violations.

How many killings would you estimate he was involved in? meaning in which he did not get caught.

Just in Houston and Minneapolis. Both citys having hundreds of unsolved murders. Houston thousands of unsolved murders. Houston was Floyd’s hunting/ stomping ground.

If you were to guess how many people has Floyd Killed?

It would behoove the Poleece to start running Floyd’s DNA through all the databases.

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bout tree fiddy



At least one, since he murdered himself


then they’ll charge Chauvin with his crimes… some crazy bitch like that Chelsea Handler would tweet that out to all of her dumb twitter followers.

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one of my dem friends lives 8 miles from where he dressed up as a city worker and held a pistol to the stomach of a pregnant woman. She went to his Houston funeral lol. What a dumbass.

my friend lives in and expensive neighborhood. LOL she drives to River Oaks to go walking . Typical dumbass Dim Dem.

I would bet he is good for 4-5 bodys.

JC…you seen the female firefighters testimony? You ought to. Two years on the job, knows everything about everything. Back talks the judge and lies on the fucking stand.

LOL LOL LOL. Yeah she a piece of shit. She been everywhere and done everything. Said she was not mad or hostile but admitted that she called one of the cops a “bitch” .

Then she admits that FD response was horrible and twice as long as should have been. Buuuuuut it was the cops fault… LOL.

The cops only called right up early and quick, then called back and said gimme a fucking bambulance and code 3 . Most rikky tic.

If FD had not fucked up, Floyd would have treatment before he went unconscious.

OP us truly obsessed with George Floyd

Did he fuck your wife or something??


NO. he was too busy “ass to mouth” fucking your mom and you !

Taking turns on you two.

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Easy G. You are a thread killing pussy. Go choke yourself .

You should volunteer to share Chauvin’s prison cell OP. Let him kneel on you so he doesn’t hurt his knees while he’s sucking off black prisoners.

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You think he’ll do time?

Don’t know, haven’t been following the case that closely.