George Foreman "I was not poisoned

After the stunning upset of Ali over Foreman in the 'Rumble in the Jungle', Foreman had a few more fights and went into seclusion and depression before becoming a minister on street corners. The rest is well documented and George is now one of the very best living American Icons. However, after he was knocked out, George claimed he had been poisoned! In fact, this theory was held by some who were at a loss to explain a very aged Ali's victory.

After all, Joe Frazier was easily disposed of by Foreman as was Ken Norton. Two fighters who had beaten Ali. Foreman made both of them look as though they didn't belong in the same ring.

George was bitter and continued to claim poisoning until a reporter went to him and did a small "where are they now" type article on Big George. Durring this interview, Foreman gave the real story.

"I lost fair and square. I was not poisoned."

Step up Wladimir.

No, Brewster is no Ali, but then again, you are no George Foreman.


What a great parallel:-Both heavyweights-Both KOedum...Have you heard the reports about Klitschko's blood sugar? Have you heard the other sketchy shit going around?Your fallacy is that you think Wladimir Klitschko has to conform to this analogy you've laid out. Because Foreman was not poisoned (meaning, because there were no extenuating circumstances in Foreman's case), Klitschko must not have been either? Where is your basis for denying Klitschko's claim about the blood sugar? Do you have some sort of inside knowledge that's lacking in the rest of the forum, not to mention the AP and numerous boxing sites?- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

I could be wrong, but, here is what I BELIEVE happened:

Kilitchko was in a fight with a guy who was both inactive, emotional (almost never a good thing in boxing), outgunned and outclassed. This was a stepping stone fight and everyone knew it. Kilitchko took Brewster lightly. Hell his conditioning coach was quoted as saying "If Wladmir loses to Brewster he shoudl retire!" In other words, if Kilitchko was napping on the coach and took this fight on a half hour notice after Brewster had trained for him most people would still take Wladmir in a heartbeat. You cannot manufacture desire or desperation. He took Brewster lightly I believe.

Wladmir put forth a tremendous pace for such a large man. At one point nearly everyone thought Brewster would most certainly be KO'd.

Brewster stood in Kilitchko's punching range as he was peppered with vicious shots. On sheer heart along Brewster stood up and fired back occassionally.

Wladmir's conditioning and chin betrayed him and he was KO'd.

His blood sugar levels are what doctors are calling "a typical early warning sign of the onset of diabities."

As for the "fishy things going on", people bet on long shots all the time.


I think buddie is talking about stepping up and being a man...and if Klitschko is just trying to hide behind something other than a fair-and-square loss, he should probably stop doing so. I think it might not be as serious an accusation as you may think it is, Adam. I could be wrong...buddie is known to be a meany sometimes. :)

Oh, well there it is. Sounds good to me.

Why do you believe that he should come out and say "I was not poisoned"? He has perfectly viable excuses for his loss as it is. Vitali is quoted as saying there were other medical complications as well.Wladimir has already said that he lost fair and square. In fact, here is the exact quote:"At the hospital, the CAT scans were normal and everything else was fine. I will know the official results of my blood test tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. But, I have no explanation for my sudden weakness and I'm not looking for excuses. I lost the fight and I congratulate Lamon on his victory." ( what exactly are you looking for?- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

Honestly, I fail to see how being poisoned makes your chin fragile 3 fights ago. I like Kilitchko but this smells of spin job all the way. I just hope the guy isn't in foolish enough to believe he can still be a champion for a long stint "if he's not poisoned".

What's up Kurtis! I spent my money @ Charles', but I only paid about half of what I thought I would.

By the way, I hope you realize that a publicist definantly provided that quote.


Buddie, I advise that you look at my other thread - "Column about Klitschko" - and you read the article that that link leads you to.The Klitschkos are about as honorable as they come in professional boxing, and do not make excuses or hide from things. That said, it seems that this forum has a prevalent belief that things just happen without rhyme or reason, and providing any cause as to why something happened is the same as fumbling for an excuse and absolving yourself of personal responsibility and guilt. The reaction to this fight, especially in light of the medical results, is absolutely disgusting.- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

buddie is not making a lick of sense. adam wins this closed

Wow, are you trolling me?Honestly, I fail to see how being poisoned makes your chin fragile three fights ago.Corrie Sanders is regarded as a heavy-duty Dark Horse and power-puncher. Wladimir was knocked down three times within a round; he was not knocked unconscious. Additionally, you are talking about one fight out of more than forty.As far as this fight goes, it is common knowledge that your endurance as far as taking punches goes wanes as you become exhausted. His chin in this is not suspect.I like Kilitchko but this smells of spin job all the wayI see only one spin-job here, and Klitschko is not doing it.He has not said he was poisoned. They are still speculating. The test results have not come back; they are performing second and third blood analyses.- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

Hee, hee. It looks like you lose buddie. :) I made a Brazilian friend who is a prof at the athletic department...he's a bjj black belt. I was thinking of asking him to let me triangle him and also to show us some of his advanced moves so you don't have to go to the dickhead's place to train. Did I say dickhead? Oops. I need to be nicer.....

I was going to hijack your "Coleman has a really good shot" thread, but it appears it fell into the abyss soon after my post...

By the way, I hope you realize that a publicist definantly provided that quote.So what do you want? You've created a situation where it's impossible for Klitschko to "step up". Do you feel big?- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

I'm going to sleep now. I hope this thread grows like untreated cancer with stammering excuses as to why your wild accusations against Klitschko hold up.- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

TTT for Rocky IV

Wait, so saying I doubt the conspiracy theory means I am the one making excuses?


Both fights involved Don King.

I also hear it was the same poison that Tyson was slipped in Japan before Buster Douglas!

You're saying that this reeks of "spin job" when medical evidence clearly shows that something was wrong with Klitschko.The only spin-job occurring is you trying to make light of that.- Adam "If he dies... he dies" from Conn

its amazing how ppl can ignore the facts of a situation like they're not even there

I'm certainly not knowledgable about boxing, but how do three losses equate to a glass jaw? I would assume in the 44 pro fights he's won, along with his amateur fights on the way to Olympic gold, that the guy must have taken a hell of a lot of hard punches here and there.

I keep reading how Witali needs to hang it up because he can't take a punch, but why does everyone seem to think this?