George Foreman vs Joe Frazier 1 1080p 60fps HBO Closed Circuit


Great fight from the true HW golden age.

Eight ounce gloves and they waived the three knockdown rule.

Fighter safety was not a big deal.

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Foreman really threw them uppercuts better than anyone else.

What always stood out to me is how he just shoved him back every time he tried to get close. Frazier couldnt do anything

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Frazier was one tough dude. Foreman nearly had to kill him.


I couldn’t agree more.
Then you fast forward 50 years to see Gane quit in the first round against Jones without even trying.
I guess in another 50 years Frazier will still be remembered but Gane sure as fuck won’t .


I always thought this was why Foreman was always calling out Tyson during his comeback. Styles make fights and i think he thought Tyson was made for him. I tended to agree with him.
Not saying Frazier and Tyson were the same, but there are similarities.


Bert Cooper was another short stocky brawler as was Dwight Qawi.
George took both of them out in his comeback.

Mike is a much faster and more athletic Frazier but without the mental toughness

I think George would fight him the same way

They (OGers) say Mike was scared to fight old man Foreman

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