George Foreman

The best Heavyweight boxer of all-time IMO. He was legitimately terrifying in his prime. Then became a beloved old businessman that won the title again. Ali obviously is in the conversation as GOAT too but I think George overall had the best career. Do you have Foreman, Ali, or other as your best eva HW?

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i think he would have beaten Ali 2/3. but he didn’t so it’s difficult to give him that status.

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Ali beating Foreman like he did was simply amazing. Foreman was destroying HOF fighters and Ali stopped him. I understand picking him. I am basing on how I believe a rematch would go and also Foreman winning the title against a damn good fighter at 45.

I have Ali as the GOAT based on things that actually happened, not speculation.

Foreman is up there though.

George was a wrecking ball. George and Tyson are to me the scariest fighters of all time. One of my favorite fights of all time was Foreman vs Ron Lyle. That would have been a great fight to see live

George tired himself out, Ali didn’t stop him. The fight was in Zamunda or some shit and it was over 1700 degrees Celsius in the arena (plus George had a Voodoo curse on him). Anyway it was the heat and the fact that he punched himself out. Sure he lost, but ‘got stopped’ or ‘beat’ ? No.


I’ve been to his house. It was pretty cool.

Big George for me.

1700 you say

Big George is one of the greatest ever. But talking this GOAT HW division talk George is in there for sure… But higher on the list than George and many many others is GOAT Larry Holmes.


Maybe not the greatest heavyweight…but he definitely has the best heavyweight fight ever

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Everyone including Ali knew Ali couldn’t win a rematch.

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One of my ultimate “what ifs” is a prime Foreman vs a prime Tyson.

I have a bias towards Larry Holmes as i met him several times and back when I was in my early 20s I sold him a car and took a bunch of us out to the bar. He is a gentleman and saw me several times after and remembered me. He is up there for sure. I would say top 5. He was really incredible in his prime.