George Forman - HeavyWeight Champ?

After the Klitschko - Sanders fight, assuming there is no draw, either Vitale Klitschko or Corrie Sanders will be heavyweight boxing champ of the world... I think George Foreman could come back and beat either of those guys.

Whadda you guys think? Could Big George regain the Heavyweight crown one more time?? :-)

ttt - c'mon, nobody else still believes in Big George???? :-)

who really cares?

Ain't gonna happen.

power is the last thing to go... he only has to get lucky once

he is better off with his cooking grills n stick with that --he has done GREATNESS for boxingin his time...let him rest

I love that damn Foreman grill.

I believe the heavyweight division is in sad enough shape for George to take the title,yes.

All he has to do is land one bomb.

His overhand right's motion is much like when one does a decline bench press.

If anybody knows how much stronger they are in declines versus inclines or regular bench, they will understand.

funkywb is right. He doesn't need to come back because the grill is already champ.

Evacnder Holyfield will be salivating to get in there with either guy. All of a sudden he has a legitimate shot at regaining the title.

ponyboy?...huh?, you are stronger in regular or incline than in decline (head closer to teh ground) bench press

Lol @ all the white guy haters.

He definitely does NOT need to come back out of retirement,he won't be hurting financially for the rest of his life I dare say,and it would be a bit of an insult to boxing at his age. The question was could he get a belt if he came back and I think he could. Everyone seems to forget his jab, his jab was/is a power punch. George is a big strong man and when he popped someone in the face with that jab,their heads would snap back like a bobble head doll,and the sweat would fly half way across the ring. Then he'd follow up with some solid,basic, HARD combinations and take them out. He's lost some speed,but not his skills or power,he could definitely take one of the belts. Undisputed? ...nah,I don't think so.

TTT for George! He is the man

George is not to be underestimated, but I don't see him beating Klitchko. Just to strong and good.

LOL@Byrd KTFO'ing anyone.

Adam from Conn, Hard-Hittin' Pollack

George KO'd Howie Long with a jab.

"I meant that Byrd would beat Foreman."

You meant "I smoke mad crack".

"His overhand right's motion is much like when one does a decline bench press."

lol... how long has eddie futch been posting?