George St Pierre Vs Robbie Lawler

God would this ever be a great fight!

Yes it would...


I think Georges would win this one as well.

Fireworks! Would be a great fight in UFC 48

The guy that St. Pierre will be facing next poses an even bigger threat than Lawler....





hmmmmm JHR

hmmmmmm indeed.

Sounds good, isn't Diaz fighting Lawler?

care to share with the class JHR?



From what JHR said, I would guess Trigg or Hughes.

Jon Hancock is a very good rambling reader....



JHR is evil.

St. Pierre v Lawler would be excelent!

charuto is very dangerous. georges would beat lawler.

i know lawler is good but wont fighting in the cage be tough with one of you arms being broken?

My guess is that St. Pierre will be fighting Jason Black in an upcoming TKO.

I have heard rumors that Jason Black is no longer going to be fighting. I hope this is not true and wish Jason all the best. He is a great fighter and a great guy

I thought Lawler was gonna fight Diaz???

demandango, is one smart cookie and very much correct.

lol @ Noel !