George T'd up....Payton ejected

Fucking grandstanding officials.

A technical foul is SUPPOSED to defuse a potentially disruptive or physical situation - that is, if a confrontation is brewing, the official calls a technical to let the players know that they're playing a game, and there will be a penalty for that sort of behavior.

George recieved a T a minute ago for giving Antoine Walker a little shove after Walker elbowed him. Technical foul. George was not pursuing the confrontation with Walker at all, he was going for the ball to inbound it after Walker scored. What does a technical foul accomplish in this situation? Nothing.

Next Payton apparently talked some shit to the official. I didn't see what happened to give Payton his first technical, but here's what happened to get him his second:

Payton passed the ball to the official using body language the official didn't like. He cocked his arm back like he was going to spike the ball into the floor, then caught himself, reconsidered, and underhanded it to the ref. You might see it on replay on Sportscenter or something.

Result? Technical foul number two. Ejection. Because the ref didn't like the way GP passed him the fucking ball. Payton didn't even throw it hard. It was the most bullshit ejection I've ever seen. Actually, last year Nellie got ejected just for looking at the ref in a way the ref didn't like, that one probably takes the cake.

How many bullshit ejections and technicals will there be before the league takes some action and changes its policy for technical fouls? The way many officials call technicals now only serves to escalate the situation they're supposed to diffuse. It's completely counterproductive.

"No one is going to feel sorry for Payton, Malone or the regular Lakers.

Seek pity elsewhere."

I'm not seeking pity - this doesn't only happen to the Lakers. Nellie's been ejected in the playoffs, Ostertag was ejected over some bullshit, so was Iverson.

something bad will happen to ref in the near future, one is going to get seriously assaulted by a player and as much as I will be against anything like that I will have no pity or sympathy for the ref, none at all, and it will be no ones fault but the league and the refs themselves

That sucks man.

YGW, You are wrong on the second tech. Payton intentionally rolled the ball away from the ref, instead of handing him the ball. The ref could have called, delay of game, but Payton was being a dick.

"Payton intentionally rolled the ball away from the ref, instead of handing him the ball."

Are you sure? Payton rolled the ball at A ref, maybe they're saying it was the wrong one, but the pass/roll was clearly towards one of the refs.

If Payton gave thhe ball to a ref, that should be good enough, if a ref has a big enough ego to say, "it was not the right ref" he should not be an NBA ref, the refs are out of hand, damn they are almost as bad on the court as the players act off it

It was at least 5 feet from Steve Javie. Payton was acting like he was going to toss it to Javie, then rolled it right passed him to provoke him. I don't feel sorry for Payton. It was a moronic move from a hall of famer trying to win a ring. Laker fans should be pissed at this behavior, not at the ref.

"It was at least 5 feet from Steve Javie. Payton was acting like he was going to toss it to Javie, then rolled it right passed him to provoke him."

LOL!!! Then if that's what happened Gary is a dumbfuck and totally deserved it.

"Payton was acting like he was going to toss it to Javie, then rolled it right passed him to provoke him."

Have you seen the replay? Because that's really not what I remember happening at all.

I watched it a couple of times right after it occured. Like I said, it should have been called a Delay of Game, but, GP was being an asshole. And Steve Javie is not the ref you want to piss off.

Payton gives the refs so much unneeded bullshit during the course of the games anyways, any little move is going to draw a T like that. Say Tim Duncan, who is not in the refs' faces all the time, does the same thing, he'll get the delay call. Payton and his constant yapping will get the T.

eric is correct.

And on a side note, Dallas up by 15 going into the 4th. Will they blow yet another big lead?? :)

What an old fart you are. lol, :)

Later in the game, Shaq and Walker got in each other's faces over something, it looked like it might get physical, and the refs called a double technical - THAT'S an example of a better use of a technical foul, to defuse a situation like that.

Shaq's faggot ass should have gotten hit with a foul before that shit even happened!! The fat bitch elbowed Walker in the head/neck!!

Crazy game.

Lol at the Hack-a-Shaq with a double-digit lead and 4+ minutes remaining.

LOL at Jack Nickolson

FUCK Jack!!! :) Way to go Dallas!! I swore they were gonna blow it when it got down to 11 but they hung tough. Walker did much better than Shaq after that double T. This is big for Dallas, I think it would have been different if Payton were there, but sounds like he got what he deserved.

Hack-a-Shaq is in theory a gay strategy (along with the legalized zone defenses which allow inferior teams like the Mavs to compete), but if you're gonna pull that stunt do it with a sizeable lead like the Mavs did tonight. That way you can always revert back to your original scheme (i.e, the gay legalized zone defense that allows you to compete) if he makes his throws.

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