Georges St. Pierre vs.Jason Miller

so is St.Pierre moving up to middleweight or is Miller moving down to welterweight?

does anyone know what St.Pierre's fight weight will be?

no, Jason Miller is dropping down to Welterweight for this fight. A Welterweight Division fight.

ya dont say?


the last UFC press release said Welterweight Georges St-Pierre so I'm assuming it's a 170 fight off of that. Not sure though.

170, this is gonna be FUUUUUUUN!

June 19th Sacres Bleu!


shouldn't you be getting your sleep Mayhem? It's 3 in the morning right now!

naaaah, all those times fighting at 185 I was walking around at 184 or so. Only if you tuck me in, Rking, I'm putting on my feety pajamas right now.....


Okay, pick the bedtime story you want me to read to you and I'll be there in a minute.

Wassup Jay. Tell Ramirez I found the tape of the Egan fight. He's been looking for it.


St.Pierre is one hot prospect

good luck Jason...i think your gonna need all you can get

see you in vegas mayhem.


My whole life I've been lucky, should happen again...


St.Pierre seems like an extremely gifted and strong fighter...good luck Jason!

mayhem is tiny he should make 170 easy :).

haha Tiny

Can't wait to see that fight, i train with George but i heard a lot of good things about you Jaysun, never saw you fight tough.

Yup, sup Fatty?

going to be a gerat fight. I really hope its on PPV