Gerald Harris fights 2day...

LF 10 is today with Gerald Harris fighting Artenas Young. Going with Harris by TKO. Your pick?

Geralhares by wicked GnP.

Harris decision

 Harris was supposed to fight DJ Linderman, Bellator LHW tourney vet who was dropping to MW for this fight...Linderman showed up at 195 lbs and Harris wouldn't agree to a catchweight.  In his place they inserted Eric Davila, who was on this card as a WW but showed up at 184 lbs...LOL I LOVE LOCAL MMA!!!!!

 And if you didn't figure it out he's not fighting Artenas Young, he's fighting Eric Davila.  Davila KTFO'd Brock Larson in something like 8 seconds after showing up like 12 lbs overweight in that fight.  He's a slob.