Gerald R. Ford in MMA?

Just read the wikipedia biography of Ford: All-American Linebacker at Michigan, turned down pro contract to go Yale Law School and coach Boxing and Football. Coached boxing and all other 8 sports(so probably wrestling, too) offered in the Navy as well.

Decent standup, good athlete, definitely a tough guy.

Reagan by RNC, R1

Ford won't let it go to the judges.

Ford, Abe Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt would be in my top 3.

I wonder if he knew any subs like Roosevelt and Lincoln?

Taft = #1 sumo wrestler.

"Ford won't let it go to the judges."


Was it Ford or Bush Sr that fought Homer in the sewer? Good showing either way, Homer's a tough SOB.

Lincoln by soccer kick and face stomp!

Lincoln can't defend the shoot.

You gotta have respect for a guy that became president without one vote. Kind of like the back up to the back up quarterback that wins the Superbowl.

"Uh dude, you're the president now."


Lincoln can't defend the shoot.


Licoln allegedly had a catch wrestling background.

Washington was 6'2" 200 Lbs in his prime, a General with big hands and feet. Kind of a Marco Ruas build.

Although he was a newcomer in New Salem, Lincoln soon became one of its most popular citizens. He won the respect and fellowship of the local ruffians by besting their strong man, Jack Armstrong, in a wrestling match. And he soon earned the friendship of the more peaceable citizens of the community by his good humor, intelligence, and integrity. As in all small towns of the day, the general store was an informal meeting place. Customers who came to buy at Offutt's store would usually linger to exchange anecdotes and jokes with his clerk. Lincoln, an avid newspaper reader, enjoyed the popular frontier pastime of discussing politics. Because he could read and write, Lincoln was often called on to draw up legal papers for the less literate citizens of New Salem.

6"4" 190Lbs...could cut to 185.

Ford fell once or twice in his 60's. He was made fun of because he didn't no where to stand sometimes because he wasn't prepared to be President because he never was elected.

The Original GW (George Washington) TKO via strikes 1st round over GWB (Bush).

Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt

Guy was a asskicker.

Roosevelt is arguably the toughest AND smartest president of all time. Teddy was only 5'8" and 200 lbs, so he would have a significant reach disadvantage. Ford was 6'2", Washington 6'2" and Lincoln 6'4" +

Roosevelt gets my vote as Pound for Pound best. 

Roosevelt would get TKO'd via thumb to the good eye by Liddell. Lincoln would use his superior reach to get to the clinch. Ford would use the "Michigan Maul" bullrush to takedown.