Geraldo, Jenny Jones, Montel …

Anyone remember the talk show rage in the 90s? You had a host of shows that I thought were great… Geraldo, Jenny Jones, Montel Williams, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake etc etc… so many classic segments on teenage gang bangers, serial killers, satanic cults, UFOs, prostitutes and the ‘geek to chic’

Anyone remember these? They were great.


Yeah, used to watch them in the WFA, good times…


I used to love the ones where the gf would “reveal” herself as a secret stripper or cheater to her bf. I always wondered “what exactly did the guy think that he was coming on the show for??”

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Geraldo vs Montel for the title was epic

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Money. He thought he was going on the show for money.

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As a 13 year old I couldn’t figure that out.

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Television Reality Tv GIF by The Jerry Springer Show

I always got a kick out of the out of control teens episodes.

Those were gold.

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Makes two of us! I was home sick from school because my 8 year old ass didn’t want to think about crap.

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There were more chair fights on that show than in the wwf!


You`re just a pup,

I remember Phil Donahue & Merv Griffin.


Ha , was just thinking this




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I hated Jerry Springer for turning talk shows into pro wrestling. I don’t know how anyone enjoyed his show when it went that route

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Remember the Jenny Jones episode where the gay guy had his friend on there to reveal that he had a secret crush on him? That friend ended up killing the gay guy a few days later

Yeah,I watched that shit.I also watched that episode of Geraldo when he had the skinheads on where chairs were thrown and Geraldo ended up with a broken nose.

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That was a nasty break too.

Full crush.

Is this legit? I always assumed these shows were 85% scripted bs that the people knew already.

Pretty sure that one is legit.

Or the guy in jail for it really got into the role.