Gerald's Twister Clip!!!!

can a bluenamer please link it. I took it from the cagewarriors site and rehosted it so not to eat into their bandwidth. enjoy although i have yet to see it due to a codec problem.

I have not seen the Twister before, but this looks exactly like Bas Rutten's Exorcist Move. Can be seen in his Big Book of Combat.

cheers pmt. ttt for the twister


Awesome move. I was sat cage side and it looked like it hurt loads.

You the man!

hmm interesting...


That looks just like a pin we used in wrestling.

ttt - for the CWFC pres release

and for the event report

Plus i should be doing a live results service at Cage Rage 6 in London for Gerald's fight should be on at about 11pm uk time on sunday.

Thing is as i am writing a report it will probably be just be results. wth something more indepth as i'm leaving the place afterward by sms. I'm gonna try and get the fight on vid too. But no promises

cool press report kainer

learned that in 9th grade while wrestling. hurts like hell. you can switch off to splits and thats even worse. GREAT FIGHT

I'm not trolling, but Quincy Rice demonstrated this move on me (which hurts like hell), about two years ago at metro fight club. Also, I believe Bas has a move like this in his Extreme Pancrase video set.

that's fuckin cool, I can think of a nice setup for that from a type of side mount that I like to use


This move has been around for a long time.... Eddie Bravo is famous for it because he was able to come up with some pretty slick setups for it. Also, no one has hit this move in competition as much as Bravo. That is why it is called "Eddie Bravo's Twister."

Eddie even came on here and said that he did NOT invent it. He only created some different setups for it.

The twister comes from the wrestling guillotine - I think that's probably what you guys are remembering and recognizing. Eddie created the setups.

Awesome clip -- good job Gerald!!!

 Kakkarotto_san, thanks for the clarification. From the response, I thought it was being said that Bravo had created it, maybe I had it mixed up in my head with the rubber guard. No disrespect intended.


I am glad you guys liked it. It is the old school wrestling move but Eddie taught me how to set it up and how to finish it. Eddie has every part of the move broken down and it is a regular threat at his gym just in case you guys ever go there! 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Hollywood California! Gerald Strebendt