Gerald's Twister Clip!!!!

Congrats Gerald!!!!!

Anybody who drops by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Hollywood has about a 94% chance of being 'Twisted'

He used that cheap move? Sheesh!

j/k, sweet sumbission. Congrats, Gerald!

TTT, thanks for the clip. Congrats on the win, Gerald.

Does anyone know Dave Elliot's condition?


That was nice.

Interesting clip - after seeing it, I'm thinking that quite a few grappling situations might end up in a position allowing for that move. Very cool.

It looks like he either hurt his ribs or the muscles around 'em.

Anyone notice this a grounded version of the pro-wrestling move the "Cobra Twist" ? If anyone plays Tekken - execute King's back throw for details :)

besides stretching the guy out... could you also punch the hell out of
his face if you felt like a real bastard? i mean you have the one hand

Eddie showed some set-ups for this at a seminar he did in Australia. Very cool stuff. He said he learned it in his high school wrestling days (if my memory serves).


last month's grappling mag (with silva on the cover) has the wrestler's guillotine and splits setups from the back position, with a hook in - i almost like that setup instead of the side control escape lure (especially no-gi)

nice gerald!

Gerald---very nice!

Perfect execution Gerald.

How much is Eddie's dvd?? I have been hitting the twister in class but I only know the one set up.

and another question would be, what are some ESCAPES, with and w/o gi?

Very nice.

i still cant figure out what the heck he is even doing? a brother a favor and explain it to me. Pretty please.

got it...thx.crazy stuff

I'm starring at the Aussie Eddie Bravo Twister page, and I've seen the Kesting Twister page, and I'm still having a hard time figuring the move out at all....


"How much is Eddie's dvd??"

"The Twister" dvd is available for $35 on or

8 total twisters in competition caught on video, but there could have been 10 except I had to release the hold twice because ADCC made it illegal.

Gerald is no doubt, my #1 student when it comes to the twister.

i like the setup from the back position with a hook in (grap mag article), and might be a good alternative to a good rnc def