Gerald's Twister Clip!!!!

Hmm,sort of hard to tell what he did,their lower bodies were blocked from sight,plus the window I'm watching is about 1" square,so it's hard to see. Oh well, congrats!

Eddie and Gerald are taking grappling to another level, keep up the good work guy's!

Eddie and Gerald are taking grappling to another level, keep up the good work guy's!

maybe i'm mistaken but is that not just a variation of the wrestling move "the splits". but instead of cranking the leg it looks like he cranking the head? non the less congrats on pulling it in a mma match.



yea both the splits and guillotine can be setup from the back with a hook in

thought so...damn i knew then what i know now, wrestling practice woulda been a lot more fun ;)




great clip

Great twister

great Guy!

So is there any way to get the rest of the video where sliva comes out and tries to brawl with gerald. I wanna see that!


grapplechaun - Cagewarriors 7 will be out on DVD soon from

you back from switzerland yet gerald?

Gerald is fighting Jean Silva this weekend I believe.

Once again - great twister Gerald! How long you staying in Europe for? Addicted to those Swiss chocolates?

Gerald is fighting this sunday at Cage Rage 6 in London


Great move, well done Gerald!

Look forward to seeing you fight this weekend, looking forward to seeing my friend Jean fight even more though! Yes, according to some people I have spoken to they know escapes to the 'Twister' ;)

In BJJ we cannot use neck cranks so I tried using a similar position to do Eddie Bravo's 'Ninja' move. I found out you have to be very quick though, otherwise they can turn into you.

Think I will be purchasing the DVD.

Sucks that ADCC banned it, supposed to be the elite grappling tournament on Earth!

Also I have read Dave Elliott was not severley hurt, just a little shocked and shaken by it. However, he will not be fighting Sammy Schiavo Sunday due to injury. Not sure if it is down to the after effects of being 'Twistered' or something else.

Anyone know?

"i was very impressed that the announcers recognized it before it even happened."

I was one of the commentators, the other was one of the UK's best young fighters Ross Pettifer.

Ross knows his sport very well and I spend too much time on the internet and on this site.

Thanks for the compliment


I do not think that you need to be all that quick. You just need to control his hips.


This was an amazing fight, Gerald impressed everyone that night as Dave is pretty slick. It also make Jean's victory all the more impressive and makes me want to see Strebendt V Silva III even more