German Roaches

I found one adult roach and kill two baby ones are the past 2 weeks. Should I call an exterminator?

Also I have a 1 year old - is the gel bait toxic to the kid?

Exterminator ASAP. Don't fuck around with roaches- that shit will kill the value of your home.

They came from a vacant house next door, the neighbour on the other side got them as well.

Is $200 about right to get them dealt with?

German's are the most aggressive breed when it comes to population growth, if you found babies you have trouble. Pregnant females crank out 50 babies at a time. I would use Boric acid powder all over the perimeter of your kitchen and bathrooms.

Having an exterminator spray will help, but you need to clear everything out of your kitchen and bathrooms and keep your baby out of the house for hours afterwards.

The shit the fumigate with is very toxic.

The guy I called said that sprays just chase them around, but he had had better luck with Gel baits that they take to their nests and kill all of them.

Feed them some borax mixed with flour and sugar. Phone Post