Germany got talent... ass eating sausage dog


"Barking loudly as she ran around the stage, the whole performance descended into chaos" LMFAO

Video of that act:


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What the hell is even that!?

Holy shit What is going on Germany

Banjaxo -

Video of that act:


LOL 1:39 for the good stuff

That is hilarious. 

She has a website and does children's shows. Calls herself "Duckie L'Orange"


white culture 

And still not the weirdest German porn I've ever seen.

i did not press play. for i'd like to be able to masturbate again one day

El Bandito -

white culture 

Actually she seems to be Mexican but living in Germany.

Duckie L'Orange seems to be the alter ego of Paulina Lara Franco

She has a YouTube channel with dozens of diary videos that nobody watches

Maybe she finally cracked and got tired of being ignored


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She is fucking crazy. Like actually mentally ill. Watch this if you dare and try to make sense of what she is saying.


Opeth. Amon Amarth. Akimbo. Entombed.

I’m really no help here. But doing my best. Phone Post

TequilaYuen -

Holy shit What is going on Germany

If you question Germany over this, you really don't want to know about the type of porn they put out

She doesn't look German. She doesn't even look White. What is her real name and where is she even from?



Wood fuck doggystyle 

BathSaltFaceFeeder - 

Wood fuck doggystyle 


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