Germany to offer Reparations to Africa

Germany Formally Acknowledges Colonial Genocide In Namibia, Will Pay Reparations
May 28, 20214:21 PM ET
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Germany apologized to Namibia for a colonial-era slaughter of up to 80,000 people when its troops put down a tribal uprising. It offered $1.3 billion to aid in reconstruction and development.

Funny about the timing of this.

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About damn time. Waiting for more nations to follow suit.

Black Americans slave labour directly created USA and led to the wealth disparity that exists today.




What about Poland. They haven’t forgotten that whole genocide thing. I think Germany owes them a trillion in damages.


Now France is in on the act. Funny timing.

France’s Macron seeks forgiveness over Rwandan genocide
Clement Uwiringiyimana

French President Emmanuel Macron said he recognised his country’s role in the Rwandan genocide and hoped for forgiveness at a memorial in Kigali on Thursday, seeking to reset relations after years of Rwandan accusations that France was complicit in the 1994 atrocities.

“Only those who went through that night can perhaps forgive, and in doing so give the gift of forgiveness,” Macron said at the Gisozi genocide memorial, where more than 250,000 victims are buried. Rows of skulls lie there in a mass tomb and the names of the victims are inscribed on a black wall.

“I hereby humbly and with respect stand by your side today, I come to recognise the extent of our responsibilities,” he said, speaking against a background of French and Rwandan flags.

The visit follows the release in March of a report by a French inquiry panel that said a colonial attitude had blinded French officials, who were close to the Hutu-led government of the time. The report blamed France for not foreseeing the slaughter and said the government bore a “serious and overwhelming” responsibility.

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Germany still owns 80% of Namibian land. Colonialism exists, it just doesn’t make the news for some reason.


Just like Midnight oil sang, just give it back!

In the words of Marvin Hagler “He ain’t giving us nuthin, we’re taking it from him!!”

Africa is going to rise and shake off the yoke of the American and European oppressors.

Africa is still going to be a shithole 200 years from now, no matter how much money they’re given. It’s full of Africans.


People wrongly think it’s ancient history.

Colonialism shaped the entire world lol. The country lines we see today are fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. And the lasting effects are still clear as day.

I liked that video of the Chinese giy debating with the African guy about colonialism

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Waiting for Africa to give reparations to Africans for selling them as slaves to Muslims hundreds of years before any white european settlers, what a joke this is more time splitting living in the past to disrupt the future.


I wonder if Germany will give reparations to Israel - this was that small issue of the 6 million or so Jews they smoked. Maybe add Russia and the 30 million or so snafu on the eastern front.


Germany paid reparations to Jews and Soviets.

they paid reparations to the allied forces following ww2 as well. That’s the cost of losing wars.

Well, technically they were not Americans.

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Germany pays and continues to pay reparations to the Jews. Even Covid bennies

“ The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference), the organization that negotiates compensation with the German government, said Wednesday that $662 million in COVID-19 relief aid will be divided among about 240,000 of the poorest Holocaust survivors. The survivors are located primarily in Israel, North America, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe.”

Leave it to Pedro to come and leave the biggest pole smoking comment possible.


Colonialism was a beautiful thing.