Germany to offer Reparations to Africa

Reparations should happen and it will be the start of black society collapse in the USA.

The blacks who get nothing will hate the ones that do.


And they STILL DO

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Dont know the history of that but I can respect trying to right a wrong you feel like you committed to another. It’s a good thing. Will this bring those lives back? No.

Don’t expect this in your children’s lifetime

Nope it won’t happen neither will Muslims give reparations only the white man needs to.

How much of Germany’s gold was stolen from the Jews? The Swiss happily melted all the looted gold from the Jews and made a tidy fee laundering it. Germany has one of the biggest gold reserves in the world.

Ridiculous. As mentioned, if they payed reparations here, what about Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.?

There have been repetitions paid to the former USSR which covered all of their controlled companies. Poland is a bit complicated as the Soviets made them waive theirs in exchange for territory after small payments. The current poles dispute this counted.

LOL…there’s a HUGE difference between German systematically exterminating darkies in German West Africa, compared to the French being negligent in maintaining order in Rwanda.

If anyone owes reparations, it’s the Belgians.

Yeah pretty different set of events.


What exactly is wrong with colonialism?

Africa’s biggest problem is Africa.


True. I wonder just how much of a powerhouse they would be if they were not so corrupt or have all the infighting.

Couldn’t be better timing.
I came out as black just last week.
When are the checks coming?

With this money Namibia is finally going to be the next South Korea! Or, it will continue being a shithole like every other sub-Saharan African country.

Lmfao… I bet this will be handled like BLM’s funds are.

Imagine bringing Genghis Khan back from the dead and showing him these empty apologies?

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LOL…Namibia is a stable Western-aligned country with a White minority population.

As mentioned, they do.And any Holocaust survivor can apply to get a direct check. The testimonies from the Claims Conference are one of the biggest sources of data about the Holocaust.