Get behind Lima

just wanted to giv best wishes for daniels up coming fight in manilla im sure he will do very well, all the best bro.


Yeah good luck to Daniel in his upcoming fight, i had the chance to meet him while i was up there at Surfer's a couple of weeks ago and he is a top bloke..

The link, for anyone interested;

Daniel's opponent is currently the "featured fighter"
Looks like a it will be a tough fight.

Good luck Daniel...


Kick Arse Daniel!!!

Good luck mate!

Get behind him? he's not really my type

kick his ass seabase

Am chatting with Daniel on the net right now.

All is going well, preparation good.

After Daniel crushes this guy in Manilla, he can come back to Oz and get it on with Jamie Ballard.

What a fight!

go jamie ballard, go gracie barra sydney , u will have to cheer for jamie in that one cade :}

cant wait to see daniels trophy :D

Now how gay does that sound???? ;-P

yeah being under Gracie Barra means that most definitely i will be 110% behind Jamie in that fight if it occurs, but when daniel is fighting yanks and other people that i have a lesser liking for then i will cheer him on as i will be cheering for him in his fight in manilla, i had lunch with daniel once and i think he is a top bloke gave great advice before a fight and it helped thats why i think we should get behind him for his fight in a cupla days.

Go the Gracie barra (sydney) men


I hope Daniel wins in PI, then comes home and beats Ballard!:)

Go Danny Boy!!!

"Go Danny Boy!!!"

So does this make Daniel our very own Brazilian, New Zealander, Irish Aussie ??


(I think I forgot American ??)

Good luck Daniel, Rob from team Edson Carvalho in NJ USA.

kick ass champ !! :)

such a fun guy to watch fight.


Kick his arse, Dan.

Unofficial results;

Looks like Daniel's fight went the distance, and he lost the decision...