Get date off hard drive?

Guys, as you already know, my D drive doesn't show up on 'My Computer' anymore. Worst case scenario, the hard drive is jacked. Are there any programs or anything I can use to get my files off my D drive? Thanks for the help.

Title should be "Get data off hard drive"

Can you get to it from the command prompt?

I'm not exactly sure how to do that. The drive is not showing under disk management, but under device manager it lists the make of the drive and said it's working properly. I'm clueless here.

Before trying anything else, is there another computer you can try it in (as a slave drive) to see if shows up in there? YOu'll be able to back up your stuff that way also. Or you can try a Linux live CD, it'll boot up an enter Linux OS running entirely in RAM, you can then check to see if your hard drive is showing up and if so back it up (via burner, or possibly external hard drive, or C drive). But if it does show up with a Linux live CD that raises the question of why it's not showing up in Windows

Easy Recovery Professional

Made by Ontrack

If anything works without going to a clean room, this will.

How do you check if it's in the BIOS? It's not making any clicking noises or anything. It's just like it's not even there. Thanks for the help so far guys.

Spinrite has saved my ass a few times.