Get Experience Before Fighting MMA

One week to the California Pankration Champioships. We increased the brackets to 16 man (Still only a maximum of 4 fightes per tourney) so there is still room for everyone.

We have divsions for kids, teens and adults. Adults are broken down with beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions. All amateur competitors are welcome regardless of school or style. This is our 5th annual California Championships.

These tournaments are geared towards novice fighters and weekend warriors. Dozens of sucessful professional fighters got their start with us. Get 2 to 4 matches per tournament and be able to return to school or work the next day.

Rules allow body strikes, takedowns and submissions. Technique is rewarded. Two referees strictly enforce the rules of the match.

The tournament will start at 11:30 am at Santa Ana College, 1530 W. 17th street, Santa Ana California. We have three local hotels with discount rates for the tournament. Contact us if you need assistence (

If you plan on competing please fax us your registration form and pay at weigh in's. It will help speed up the registration process.

Here is a link to our flyer and registartion form:

link to flyer & registration form:

If you don't know what Amateur Pankration is like click on this link and check out the videos:


Ahhhhh..... the thread title threw me off.

I thought you were advising people to plainly get some experience/training before fighting MMA..... which would've been an obvious opinion.

I didn't realize you were offering the chance.....