Get him to the greek

I don't understand the Sara Marshall connection.

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Just feel the fuzzy walls Phone Post 3.0

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Wolf wall cannot soove my troubled mind.... Phone Post 3.0

REMEMBER MY NAME - From yahoo answers:
He was a stalker. He liked Aldous Snow so much he decided to quit his job as a waiter and move back to the states. Then he spent roughly a year breaking into the music industry for a chance to meet him. He changed his name to Aron Green to sound more hip in L.A.

Suddenly he gets his lucky break. Not only does he get to meet him but as the new intern, he gets to escort Snow. But be careful what you wish for!

Aldus doesn't remember him due to his heavy drug use and Aron doesn't think it's important to remind him that at one point he was Aldus' waiter.
But I still don't get it Phone Post 3.0