Get in my Guard!!!!! part 2 (Vid)

Get in my Guard!!!!! Part 2

eh not really as funny as the first one to be honest. The guy definitely has the role of a 'tapout fag' perfected. They should film him trying out for TUF

 I agree, not as funny as the first. LOL @ calling Frate Trane out at the end though.



ttt for later

619 stye!

LMFAO@ Singing the TUF theme

and LOL @ the Tito grave digger

lol @ singing the UFC theme while shadow boxing :)

 lol at the flying knee over the downed wrestler as he leaves...

while the majority of this video is kinda ghey, there are some moments of gold...

I did like the tornado...

I did like when the wrestler stated... "you can't see me... you can't see me"

The suck it was alright too.

lol ttt

Starting to remind me of "Mr Bill", or "Super Dave", lol

 ttt for later


I can't stop laughing watching him try to kip-up! LOL!