Get into HIGH GEAR Scott!


Been meaning to write you for some time but I've been travelling almost non-stop, wanted to ask you if youve had a chance to play in the HIGH GEAR suit??

All the best,


Tony, thanks for asking. It's a great training tool, for certain. The suit's best characteristic for training in my system is that HIGH GEAR is not impact resistant, but impact reducing. Transfering pain through the suit is a critical to integrating the equipment into my training, which is why we opted to not pursue Redman, FIST and Bulletman.

Great technology at a competitive rate.



Is it possible for ordinary civvies to get High Gear,
or is the LEO demand too high right now?


Yes, High Gear is available to the civilian population.


or call the head office:




I'd been looking at High Gear quite a while ago, but
at the time I didn't even have a study group together, so it seemed like a bit much of an investment...

Now Scott's recommendation knocks it a notch higher in the "want" category. Darnit...

By the way, how does it work? Is it just lighter than other suits, or does it function differently? Anything like the 'ol billyclub/phonebook trick?

Thanks Scott, glad you like it and glad you
appreciate the 'impact reduction' angle, many do
not understand or appreicate that.

Training in gear that does not transfer pain does
not allow the wearer to explore and experience the
physicological realities of their system(like fear,
true adrenaline, startle/flinch reflexes, hesitation