Get pinnacle's ads outta here....

these peices of shit don't deserve to sponsor here after pulling out of the US market. Maybe bodog could be a sponsor - they've done more than pinnacle ever has for the sport. My rant is over. PEACE


Ignorant rant and  post Eddy.  You mean  they dont deserve to GIVE MONEY away to MMA, because they closed doors to USA after being pressured by US Govt......... 

Bodog is great company.  And they are a big supporter of MMA. But its got NOTHING to do with the current events in relation to Pinnacle.

Obviously you dont folow the industry news.  Do you think for a second they want to close?

Its a direct result of the US Justice Department......  would you prefer to be stiffed by them rolling the dice? They are paying all the US Customers.  BetonSports............a publicly traded company was raided. US Govt seized all funds. And 100,000 players got stiffed. 

They are not alone. and Sportingbet group had to split and Sportsbook no longer takes Euro clients.  Heritage just shut doors to USA.  Huge poker site was just raided a swell.  Hate on the government, not the bizness.

Nothing to defend here.

Pinnacle is  doing the right thing given the circumstances.

 Be happy your not one of the people that relies on the company for a yearly 6 figure income.

seriously, eddy, you're acting like pinny is doing themselves a favor by shutting down to the US... this right before the NFL playoffs and superbowl... that's be like a whorehouse closing shop right before fleetweek...

hopefully something will break in the US with the change of power... the bill was only passed cause it was piggybacked on a national security bill...

good luck over there, joey, hope this isn't hurting the bottomline for ya..

Yeh, naturally its a kick in the ass, but not much one can do.

Pinny will still always offer fight lines, just no USA involvement.  But people in USA will find a way to play there. They are still best in the biz, bar none.

One big reason for no notice being given was very logical.  They did not want their HUGE   USA Credit biz taking shots at them, knowing they were closing.  Totally understandible.  Granted, I was hurt by this recent development at Pinny, but life goes on.  I still provide service for the biggest offshore on the world and will continue with Pinnacle.


eddy's a cool cat. he's probably just worried about his money.

I know SJ.  Not knocking him, just his initial reaction.  You know as well as anyone this is a letdown for a ton of people. poeple have been getting payouts all day and posting at all the gaming sites.  Pinnys doing the smart and right thing here, and being responsible to the players under the current circumstances.

I see what you mean.

Hopefully they can get the gov't out of their hair and bring the US back someday in the future. I hate politicians.


"They did not want the USA credit biz taking shots at them"

Did pinny ever book wagers on credit? Could you explain that statement?


google it

Estimate ...............  70% of offshore books started with or currently have a credit base.

maybe i was a bit too harsh but I'm a little pissed. These fucking politicians have a war going on and they'd rather go after sportsbooks. Unbeleivable. I'm worried other sportsbooks will follow and leave me out of an extra source of income (not 6 digits like odessa but definately 5)

Hopefully it doesnt continue with the domino effect.  Unfortunately many rogue books will see opportunity to operate and lure in unknowing cutomers.  I always slept good a night knowing my money was safe at Pinnacle.  I cant say I dont seat other books.  I've been offshore almost 10 years now and seen so many stiffs and bad biz people that I cant imagine how a US customer that doesnt do this for a living worries.

If you need any solid recommendations that I endorse, lemme know.  At last they will offer all fights and pay winnerson time.

Good luck Ed.


Thanks bro. PEACE



I would definitely like some of your recommendations for a good sports book to use if you are from the US. Whatcha got?

Joey -

  1. You involved at all with BetEagle's lines?

  2. Any news of problems (in general terms - issues of non-payment, etC) with BetCRIS/BetOnFighting/whatever other names they use?

1. You involved at all with BetEagle's lines?  100% no involvement and I dont  bet there.

2. Any news of problems (in general terms - issues of non-payment, etC) with BetCRIS/BetOnFighting/whatever other names they use? .  I bet  @ CRIS and have gotten 40k + payouts.  I have no involvement with their linemaking either.

fuck pinnacle. they still won't give me my money back or return an email. Funny how everytime I would want to make a deposit they would give me great customer service but now I can't even log in to view my account and withdraw my money.

If they are the best in the biz, then the biz is just full of shit heads.

I call bullshit.

300+ people have posted at Rx and Mw that they have gotten paid in past 24hrs. Why would u want your Futures refunded you dumb prick? If they cancelled them, you would be screaming bloody murder. Whats the beef?

Futures are futures. You would have to wait for them to complete to get your money anyways.  You pissing on a sportsbook that ahs highest limits and best rating on the planet. 

Get a grip.

I got my pinny money sent to neteller about a day and a half after I requested it.  They also honored the bets I had pending (including Indy)

Like Oddessa said, if you had a future and they cancelled it, you'd be flipping out... Of course they're going to honor the tickets they already took... That's just good business.

what are you their fucking cheerleader?

I want my future wagers refunded so I can forget all about them. I don't want to wait 3 months on futures and have to deal with them again.

They haven't returned repeated email attempts today and I can't log in to take my money out. I'm sure I will get my money and everything will be ok, but until then, I will post about them ignoring my requests to do so.

pinnacle decided without warning to stop dealing with US customers after assurances that everything would continue as normal. They basically lied. How is that good business? They didn't even send out a general email to their customers explaining themselves. It makes it hard to want to play at another book, especially after the and paradise poker clusterfuck last year.

And no, I'm not going to "get a grip" until I have this issue resolved. I am powerless to do anything about this, it's not like they are down the block and I can go there and get my money back.

so please, no more personal insults, it's just childish. I'm just expressing outrage at a COMPANY as a CUSTOMER for them not doing business with me.

You are angry at the wrong people, its not Joey's fault, or Pinnacles fault .

It the fault of voters who thought gay marriage was more important than
the war or the economy. This is what you get, conservative relgious right