Get Rich Crunkilton back UFC

I am a diehard UFC fan, to the point where they can really do no wrong in my eyes. But I really wish they would bring back Rich. He was explosive and exciting to watch, tough as hell, didn't tap to the dislocated elbow in fact fought the rest of the match. His throws are great, his sprawl and his striking. Guys like that are what the UFC need to develop.

My list:

Rich Crunkilton

Jorge Rivera

Josh Thompson

Rich Franklin

Those are just a few, of the fighters I really want to see develop themselves in the UFC. So consider bringing them back ZUFFA..

Say it ain't so. He's to young to have career ending injuries.

he is feeling good again and will be back in a cage soon

Thanks Bob, where are you located at? I work for an airline and plan to fly out to check some schools out, such as yours.

So how is Mike Kyle feeling, is he ready?

Always ready to TTT a Crunkilton thread. That guy's a badass.

come on TTT for crunk & Crazy Bob Cook's team.

CrazyBob can u answer the guys question ???

Pilot AKA is in San Jose....

yeah, but I was trying to find out how far they are from the airport, that kind of stuff. But thanks