Get rich with a new crypto..safemoon.

I guess it says it all when you keep posting your valuations, but nobody else is posting. So far, so good. Let’s all keep watching…

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Don’t think you will miss out because whitebit doesn’t accept US customers.
Never fear bitmart is here!

Bitmart will list safemoon from Monday!

#safemoon is currently trending on twitter.
Get your hands on some guys!


Good times

I’m happy for you weaktendons. I hope others don’t sleep on this as there are still, at least, gains to be made in the short term. If OGers even have a couple hundred dollars to throw at it, I think it is worth the risk.

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It just dropped HARD

Great big dip for newcomers, glad I slept through it though.

It has recovered somewhat.

I’m currently on


What happened with this?

We are on the way to the moon pal.
My initial $1,300 is currently worth just over $17,000!!!

It ain’t slowing down.

Well it’s been an exciting weekend for us safemooners, my $1,300 peaked at $17,000.
I withdrew $7,500.
Now I’m letting my remaining stake ride until we hit binance!! I have $6,000 still in play!

Coming up soon
Safemoon app
Safemoon exchange
Binance fund raiser
Minecraft server

Its about as legit as this shit which is their GENUINE MARKETING… You all gonna get schlonged!

Well I cannot comment on elongate.

Safemoon on the other hand is legit.