Get rich with a new crypto..safemoon.

Just as a disclaimer to the OG. I’ve been part of this community for almost 15 years and think we should look out for each other. With that said, you absolutely can make money with these shit coins, but just be aware how they work.

People copy the code of another coin from git and modify the name and other details. There’s no substance behind these coins. They exist for the sole purpose of hyping up the price, selling a whole bunch since they are listed at extreme fractions of a penny (like how I have over 2 million Safemoon for just over $10). There is a tax when you sell (10% usually from what I’ve seen) where half is distributed back to all existing holders (yes, you can see your current holdings increase almost by the second) and the other is burned and some paid back to the dev. They then hype the shit out of the coin as a get rich quick scheme to pump the price. Once it gets to a certain point, the largest holders sell & pull the rug. If you weren’t in at the bottom (and/or you didn’t time your sell before this event), you lose $ and are left holding the bag. Sometimes they hype for a few pumps, but ultimately that’s all these coins do.

If you wish to invest, just know this is how it works & play at your own risk.


Good post. I look at this coin as straight gambling. We’re all adults here so we should be able to discern the difference between projects with a solid foundation and “casino” coins like these. I kind of see this coin no different than if I was betting on the UFC tonight. I’m not going to dump my life savings into it but I’ll toss a few bucks into to it to see how it pans out.

It’s good to see an OGer lookout for others without sounding like an enraged lunatic in the process.

Appreciate your post :+1:

So you’re saying it’s NOT safe ?

It’s called Safemoon ffs

Looks like the “fantastic project” is just about done.

Way to promote a pump and dump scam as something legit to crypto noobs on the OG. That shows a lot of class.

It’s been trading sideways this week; not even close to being done.

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never invest in anything that has the word “safe” in it

This is a “take a gamble” thread not an investing thread.

I started with 24 million a few days after it came out. Now I have 31 mil and 3x what I put in. I just watch it because my 70 bucks that I have into it isn’t going to break the bank if it crashes.