Get rid of Milk?

I've heard negative things about milk for the last few years while
becoming more interested in nutrition, so i've finally decided i'm going to
go cold turkey on it for a month & see if i notice any effects. The problem
is i have had milk with my cereal for breakfast for the past 30 years & are
lost for ideas on what to now eat? I know there is toast & Juice, but that
isn't really going to give me everything i need, is it. ? like enough protein.

What do you guys think about Milk, & what do you have for breakfast?


I've had a milk allergy since I was a little kid. I eat cheese in small amounts and that's it. Sometimes I splurge and get raw whole milk at my co-op, but it causes an allergic reaction so I don't do it often. It's good for you if you can handle it and can get raw stuff, not pasteurized.

Eggs are awesome for breakfast. Scrambling them is super easy, you can add veggies, meat, etc. If you're in a hurry, hardboil a dozen at the beginning of the week and you can have a few for breakfast or a snack anytime you want.

If you're lactose intolerant, don't drink it. Otherwise, there's no good reason not to.

You'll know if you're lactose intolerant btw, by the jets of liquid milk-shit flying out of your ass. It's a pretty clear message :P

After a life time of milk consumption I have lowerd my intake considerably. I now only take in 2-3 dairy sources.

  1. Whey Protein

  2. Organic yogurt (in small amounts)

  3. Occasional cheese


"You'll know if you're lactose intolerant btw, by the jets of liquid milk-shit flying out of your ass. It's a pretty clear message :P "

True, but not everyone has symptoms that are that bad. It can just be gas, bloating, etc.

Also, some people are allergic to milk proteins, but it's pretty rare.

I'm mildly lactose intolerant, but mostly I just think milk is nasty. Plus if you're buying milk from the local mega-market, God only knows what was put into that cow...loads of antibiotics is a good guess, but IIRC alot of factory farms use hormones to increase milk production.

Now I'm not sure how much transfer there would really be to humans, but since I don't like milk anyway it provides a useful rationale for me to really hate the stuff. :)

BTW, soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk are fine alternatives. I know a lot of people on here are against soy, but IMHO it's harmless unless you're guzzling down huge amounts a day. I go through 1/2 gallon a week (more if I'm lazy and don't cook in the AM) and except for my c-cups and tiny balls, I'm great.

I kid, I kid. But if you're really worried about soy's supposed estrogen-boosting effects, almond milk is the bomb, with rice milk being close behind. Although you do need the flavored versions.

Anyone have a comment regarding the "China Study" I believe it was called? Is this not the sort of protein that was implicated?

The less dairy I consume, the less acne I have.

RE: the China study, wouldn't there be a massive cancer epidemic among those cultures who consume a lot of milk products, like the Mongolians and Scandanavians?

Milk literally causes an allergic reaction in me if I consume decent amounts of it, or have it and/or cheese too many days in a row - I get a stuffed nose, sneezing, clogged sinuses and ears, stomach ache, etc.

Sometimes it's worth it for some good mac and cheese, though. :)

"True, but not everyone has symptoms that are that bad. It can just be gas, bloating, etc."

That's true, diarrhea is common tho.

And ya, if you have allergy symptoms when you drink it, or just don't like it, or whatever, fine. But the health risks are overblown by sites like nomilk, notmilk, milksucks, etc. For most people there's no good evidence of any danger from drinking milk. There's evidence of high calcium intake increasing prostate cancer risk, but that's about it.

There's also evidence of kids in Switzerland having fewer and less severe allergies from drinking fresh whole milk.

Raw whole milk is yummy - makes the best the protein shakes and tastes really good with granola, too. Plus it's less likely to cause reactions in people, and possible less lactose intolerance issues, because it hasn't been pasteurized and has the proper natural balance of bacterias and things in it.

Milk can be unhealthy: perhaps 9 months ago, after sufficient adult beverages, I happened to ask a rather well endowed woman if she had, you know, MILK. Not sure what it is/was with my judgment sometimes, but I was punched by her, right in the side of my person.

maybe stupid comments are unhealthy? No. I blame milk.

Thanks for everyones advice & experiences.
I will go without for 1 month & see how i go.
I will also research what i can.

The only drawback to milk is sodium content. Otherwise, it is a great source of protein if you can drink it.....

If you stop drinking it, expect to lose weight. Simply water weight but you will lose especially if you have been drinking it in larger quantity.

Oh Yeah...I forgot about that. I do drink raw, whole milk. You can get it easily in my area.


brekky for me is 30g whey, 200g mixed berries, 75g oats & 300ml water

AI, you could try one of my two milk-less breakfasts:

scrambled egg whites, sprouted hemp bread with natural peanut butter,
and a banana or berries.

organic oatmeal made with 30g of whey protein, unsweetened almond
milk, and one spoon of Udo's 3-6-9 oil, plus a banana or berries.

Milk boosts testosterone? I never heard that before.

I have to say that I use milk with my oeatmeal or in shakes, however, I
could not drink just milk.
If I want to drink plain milk I drink whole milk only.
Everything else is nasty.

Try this, buy a small carton of whole milk and a carton of
homogenized, paseurizes and whatever-else-they-do-to-it milk.
Open both cartons and put them in your fridge.
Check contents of both after 4 days.
Throw whole milk out and wait for the other stuff to "go bad".
Wait some more....and wait some more...
Take a sip now and then.
And then maybe but just maybe, after three weeks it finally begins to
taste nasty but I suspect it's gone bad long before that.

Needless to say, if I don't finish it within 5 days I still throw it out.

Whole milk is the real deal!