Get rid of the women

Valentina is the only good female fighter on the roster worthy of a PPV spot.
Once she’s gone that should be it.
No more of these roided up Brazilian Dykes talking about their “husbands” lmao.
just fuck them all off to invicta.


Signed. Fuck Valentina off too. Never watched a single one of her fights and I don’t plan to


Does the NBA make their fans sit through garbage WNBA games? Of course not.

Give them their own league or something for fux sake.


Signed. It’s just not fun without Rhonda


With Nunes exposed, Rose is the only chick worth watching. Valentina is good but her fights are boring,


I bet Dana would gladly oblige but he cant due to fear of backlash from the woke crowd, Endeavour or whatever is called the company that owns the UFC wont allow it either, it’ s mostly Hollyweird fucks.


Yeah, I only wanna see hot, sweaty and muscular men. I’m with you boys.


I agree with this. Also if wmma was shifted into its own league it would be a bottomless pit for monetary loss.

It can’t survive on its own. Any money spent on marketing or athletes would be thrown in the toilet.

It’s a shame because this is the reason it shouldn’t be on mens ppv cards but it is the reason it is


I dislike 99% of womens fights just like the next guy. But I have to admit there are a few I enjoy. Andrade for example she is just a tank and always brings it.

The UFC will never get rid of the women. They want to become main stream and what looks better than having 2 chicks fight as the co main event. Half the Earth’s population are women. They are not going anywhere so might as well accept it

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It’s a business decision it’s as simple as that. This is not about the woke crowd or Hollywood lol


See I think the women smashing each other with elbows and shit is hurting the perception. Not helping it

You’d bang majority of these chicks?

Hey, if you want to have a three way with Nunes and Andrade while they peg ya, be my guest.

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He’s right ya know!

However I agree, I find a lot of the fights suck, I skip a lot of them unless I know they’re bangers.

Was disappointed in Nunes because she generally fights well. She looked like she didn’t even train for the fight.

I know you’re trying to be cute, but there’s probably more truth in that statement than not.

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I’ve just taken a look at the next 4-5 upcoming cards.
And non of those cards feature more that 2 woman’s fights which is great .
As last year we would regularly get 3 or 4 women’s fights on a card…

A step in the right direction,

Hopefully by 2023 they are on Invicta and it gets called UFC Woman’s League or some shit


You had me at pegging.


Wait, are you saying in cute? Now I’m blushing.

Hey man, it wasn’t even about you. I just assume that’s what those two chicks would do. Lol

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I’d love to know what all you guys who go on about Valentina are watching. Her fights are tedious and occasionally feature a nice KO because she’s quite literally fighting nobodies


Everything is about wokeness now. If they took it away it would be looked at as a knock on women globally.

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