Get rid of the women

Nobody cares about a woman’s “heart”. we care about the tits, ass and pussy. That’s about it


There needs to be more bad blood between the women. Ronda did it perfectly, she would create beef with any of her opponents through interviews, pressers etc
her trash talk sold many of her fights. The blueprint is there for these women but they fail every time at promoting themselves. Nobody wants to see you hug after a weigh-in, we want trash talk, bad blood, not giving a fuck mentality. Drama sells fights, and without drama nobody cares

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Add mud.

I only get excited if she comes out to “Where the hood at” again

“Get rid of the women”

Never hear anyone screaming this on a pirate ship do you?


Yet Pirates had only men on board
…plus prostitutes.

Given that real MMA fans should pirate zuffa content and the women are really just OF prostitutes your assessment is spot on.

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Stupid Walki, you literally come across like a complete moron. Ugh “it’s easy to have heart if punches don’t hurt you” was easily the most retarded thing I’ve heard all day. Maybe go watch WWE wrestling you brain dead retard. Lol. And not even mad, you honestly just come across like such a dope, I’m almost embarrassed to be on the same forum as you…

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Do you trane bra?
Sparring against killers is nerve wrecking. There were sessions I feared days in advance. Yet fighting little guys, some of them even pros wasn’t nearly as scary. Because the risks were different.

It’s a different game if you can genuinely get hurt.

It saves money having female fighters since the men on average make more than twice as much. Allows them to pay the men more money. Look at the glass as half full, not half empty.


@moderators please can we have an inflammatory line posted at the top of the forum? revolving every two weeks or so.

seen it on another forum, fucken mad personal attacks and rabid, overheated out-of-context debates can read like the words of murder. we ought to advertise this place honestly. c’mon fellas, let’s get this cracked

LOL. Your equation is a bit off here.

How so? Please explain.

Why Female MMA Fighters Deserve Equal Pay


DECEMBER 10, 2020

There are some different figures available online that show the difference in pay between the genders. In 2015, the Culinary Union called out this issue and said that female fighters earned 61% of what men in the sport got. Even worse, this number dropped to 41% when Ronda Rousey was taken out of the equation.

An analysis at the time suggested that women got an average of $15,442 per fight compared to $39,088 for men. Part of the reason discovered for this was that far more of the female fighters were just starting out in their career and, therefore, weren’t yet as popular as the majority of established mail stars.

Your turn.

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“Spineless pessimism” why don’t you stop being such a snowflake and relax. I already took your soul on another thread about Sean Strickland. Boo F’n Hoo. You’re asking the moderators to Censor my remarks because I hurt your overly sensitive feelings on the other thread and humiliated you in front of the whole UG LOL

Front bum cunts


the fight in bellator was good last night