get Shonie vs Newton @185

Newton is definatly huge for 170. The guy is 195 lbs. SHonie isn't that big at 170 so I don't see him moving up and has been in a bit of a slump. The UFC won't sign him becasue they are still crying over him fighting on that charity event.

Carlos by submission, i think it would be an easy fight for newton.

matt couldnt sub carter so i doubt newton could!!!!
shonie by ko.

easy win for carlos, if carlos never fought renato there would be no arguement on who the winner would be here but everyone is off the bandwagon now

LOL at an easy win for Newton. You guys must be high.

This fight would never happen because neither one is a loud mouth with sloppy standup.


One bad night for Carlos does not make him overrated imo. I reckon Carlos would take a desicion win over Carter. He wont sub Carter, and Carter wont knock him out. Newtons chin is superb (apart from the Silva fight which would have KO'd anyone on the planet apart from cabbage).

Shonie didn't look small throwing that 215 lbs kickboxer at Shidokan in December.

This is a great matchup. Excitement, intensity, showmanship.

Shonie has the edge on throws and striking.
Newton is pretty good at both.

Newton usually tries more subs.
Shonie is the best escape artist in the game.

Shonie by Pimpzilla Stomp.

Actually I think Shonie would take the decision after pulling off some major throws.

newton should have this fight easily. shonies standup won't give newton that many problems, and newtons ground game is much better than carter's.

I would love to see this!!! Both fighters have outstanding skills & would make an awesome match up!!!

fo sho.

Lot o' correctness being tossed around here.