Get the Jon Jones Special at Mean Street Pizza



JetSetter - 

Stupid Phone Post



Lol!!! Phone Post

Where's the duck topping?

too awesome for words


Lol at hurry before the chicken runs out and we have to cancel Phone Post

Hocky Balboa -  

Haha, amazing gif Phone Post



The (Delivery Available) Avoi a DUI line had lol

I just ordered one, said they would need at least a month to make my order

Chael P Sonnen..... Teaching boys how to be MEN Phone Post

 For those of you unaware, that is Chaels pizza place in Oregon

Phone Post

lol love the gifs

The_Spider - Where's the duck topping?

  Duck sauce?



Hocky Balboa -  

Why's the fat guy in the back so pissed?

Hocky Balboa -  

That's a bad ass gif! LOL@ that Big Dinner in the background on the right mouthing F-U!