Get to a PDR Instructor

I'm not the biggest expert in any way shape or form, but I thought I'd wirte a quick review for others to let them know what It' like to train with a PDR instructor.

Myinsructor, Calen Paine, doesn't know I'm writing this, so I hope you read this as sincere.

The past2-3 months I've been doing a intensive Personal protection course under Calen Paine, an Instructor here in Edmonton AB, Canada. I have 9 years experience with a variety of martial arts, and although I'm no expert, I do feel I know with some distinction between the arts.

Just like Tony and his videos, unless you experience them, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. We worked conditioning to death, Range rover, analysized and developped the basics of the spear, and speared everything in sight. We did sucker punch drills, worked and collected dialogue, grappled in purely functional sense. We did scenario training, multiple attacker drills, and most of all, oh yes our favorite, the panic attack. There is nothing like the classes that I went to. Maybe I'm naive but I've never had instrution given in such a functional, understandable, and THOUROUGH way. 15 imn. and your brain was in overload! We worked boxing, and clinching, mental filters, and attitudes....I could go on.

The final result: I've never felt so much more humbled by the experience of near combat and by the understanding of it's chaos and reality concerning my and my limitations, but this I do know. I can fight, and if I have to, I KNOW I CAN PROTECT MYSELF. This knowledge plus all of the other things I've gained and taken with me into daily life, resures me that what I'm learning isn't just real, but more all encompassing, and that's nice.

I just have to mention that there is something about this art that has made all of my peers and instructor, such humble peolpe. I've noticed that if you don't humble yourself to the realities that exist say, in even a panic attack, you either learn or get pummelled.

Anyways, I cannot recommend it enough to really go out there and find yourself a real instructor. i swear to you I thought that seeing Tony's videos 10x times made me something better..well maybe they did, but nothing compares to the real thing, which is what Tony's been teaching all along. As for my instructor, Calen PAine, he's located in Edmonton,Ab, canada, and if you look past the fact that he's sort of small and weird(I'm just hoping he'll read this), and give it some time, you come to see a great class, trust me.
I'm no the expert but I assume that you should contact Tony's staff for assistance to find out where some of his instrutors are located.

If you'd like to email me;


It is always great to read stories like this. I too am from Edmonton and know Calen very well. Actually we are training together today at noon. He is a great instructor because his passion for the Blauer Cirriculum is inspiring. Consider yourself in good hands. Make sure you tell him the other PDR COACH says hi.

Robb Finlayson

Thanks Danny, its great for me to read this too. A lot of energy goes into transferring coaching skills to a select group of instrcutors around the world, but except for the few times a year [at most] we get together, I do not know how their doing [due to the distances we all live from one another], so this is really nice to read.