Get Well Soon Uncle Justice!

 Hey guys, UGer Uncle Justice aka Dallas Winston, is in the hospital right now after having emergency brain surgery for an anureysm (sp).   He went in yesterday and had the surgery last night and is recovering right now.  He's awake and I am sure he would appreciate a little encouragement from the UG.

Let's wish him a speedy recovery.  Get well soon, Dallas!!!!


 Get well soon.

oh man, im sorry to hear that

i hope he makes full recovery

best of luck Uncle Justice

 Damn, that sucks to hear. I know he had just covered his first UFC event live and was riding high. Best wishes for a speedy recovery UJ

Holy shit that's horrible!!!

Crazy Zimmerman please pass along my well wishes. Me and Uncle have always sent emails back and for, he's a cool dude. Man.....

pass on my concerns - hope he's up and about soon

 Please let him know he will be in my prayers!

I consider Dallas a friend and this is tough to hear

holy crap!!!

thoughts go out, for sure. when he is moving around better lemme know, and i'll teach him how to torment the nurses. makes a hospital stay go byfaster-MM

 Oh fuck. Sorry to hear.

Dallas is a great dude, get well soon bud.

 ttt for UJ

 Always been a real good guy on here.

Get well soon man!

Here's to a speedy recovery Uncle Justice/Dallas, a true friend and an asset to the MMA community.

I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for him.

 Uncle Justin (Dallas Winston) is one of the few people in this game that i consider a true friend, I am so sad to hear about this. My prayers go out to Justin and his family i'm praying for his speedy recovery!

 Get well soon, UJ, DW, JB...

Definitely a good dude whose family doesn't need this kind of stress at Christmas. Hopefully it was caught early.

get well soon

Hope you're feeling better and everything goes well Bro. I'll wear my magenta socks in your honor until you reply to this thread :)

WTF! Now I really feel bad for not e-mailing promptly :(

Get well soon Gomi head

 lol @ Mike, that should make him feel better!!

 Get well soon buddy