Get Well Wishes for pisand

I am not sure if this happened because pisand didn't get enough attention for having a beautiful baby girl or because she is taking too much attention away from him. but he "had to go to hospital for emergency scar to boot" and is now recuperating. on behalf of myself and all his friends who are not on the forum, I want to wish him the very best and a speedy recovery. your contributions to the forum are well-appreciated.

All the best man! Heal up fast!

You've got mail :o)

Indeed.. get well Stephen!


Get well soon!

What emergency surgery? Inquiring minds wanna know?

incarcerated inguinal hernia & partial colectomy...let the good times roll!



i wonder who has the bigger scar?


i can't take the dressing off for another day but i'll try for a pic.

you tell that son of a bitch...NO Yankee, is EVER gonna...
Get Well Soon Ya Bast*rd

Jesus Matt where did you get that worked on....a third world country?

get well soon!

nice and pretty


LMAO. The mint or cinnamon flavored floss?

Good luck healing too!!

That's no scar, that's a space station!

Don't forget to mention the rusty fish hooks.....

arrrgh, matey!

clean stitches are way over rated :)

hope yah get better man, sorry didn't write anything sooner. senseless setbacks seem to be goin around a lot this year. best of luck to everyone.