Get your fill of Anime or JDramas!

Was talking to FCTV808 earlier this week about some Jdramas and anime.. My high school friend pointed this out to me. It's got a lot of different shows on it and it's free. Unfortunately, it's a small picture. Check it out though. I'd suggest you create a spam email account and signup with it.

I started watching Bleach.

that fuggin site rules! there goes another 1000+ hours of my life...

i hear enough japanese without watching online, thank you very much

Don't be hatin, Po'ai.

po'ai, rubbin salt into the wound cause we don't get that opportunity... dang

Newsgroups for the win.

Just finished 9 and 10 of Bleach. That show is getting addicting.

check out "return of the condor heros"

chinise "wuxia" drama

Yeah, that show is like 10+ DVD's. I think I brought it back for my friend last time.

ya its long but i thought it was good.

I think the one I brought back for my friend is in Cantonese -- unfortunately I only understand mandarin. I'll have to ask him though. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Anyone ever see, or hear of Age of Chaos(Shura No Toki). I watched the first 6 or 7 episodes and it was awesome. It's where I got my screen name from and when I think back I was probably watching it when I created my account.

Check it out.

good rec!

btw, wu, it's game over for you. just finished episode 148 bleach. oh man

wutang they have the show with eng subtitles ;)

unfortunately after the "Soul Society" arc Bleach isnt quite the same.

everyone is too friendly after that much drama.

there needs to be tension between all those people.

the Soul Society storyline is nuts though.

Oh Jesus i just outed my self. yeah im a dork.

you guys gotta try out as well.

and yup after the soul society arc, the bounto episode fillers sucked to the max. glad those are over and it's picking up again. damn lol i outted myself too. there should be like a otaku's anonymous type thread here. while i'm on a roll i'll come clean and admit i'm a closet morning musume/hello! project fan haha.

man you guys just don't know how many jpop idols come here to hawaii and have concerts! it's all top secret kine too. i've been to some this year when they come on there fanclub tours, and there fans take it to next level geekiness, glow sticks, costumes, and organized chants and routines to the jpop singers songs. crazy ish!

They were playing Hana Yori Dango, season I and of course they season finale isn't what I wanted it to be. So, I'm looking for season two on Cruchy Roll. Of course, it's been removed. Something about support the DVD. WTF? Really. WTF.

Oh man...I was really hooked over thanksgiving break.. I'm on episode 89 now..

89 is which story? bount?

Yeah -- I'm still waiting for Kurosaki to be able to bankai again.