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I'm on ep. 23 of BUKAKKE.


great site.

BAN KAI!!!!!!!!!!!

after the Soul Society arc when does it pick up again?

i couldnt get back into it with that new story.

my friend said somewhere in the hundreds.

i'm liking it where it's at now, but the ss arc was awesome for sure.

junon it starts to pick up around the 120's. have you guys seen the bleach anime movie yet? that one was pretty good.

memories of something or the other?

yeah it was cool but i wish theyd of used Sado(Chad?) and the Quincy dude instead of some other Soul Reaper guys for the final fight scene.

Oh man, the Soul Society Arc is what killed my Thanksgiving break...I couldn't stop watching. lol

The bount story is pretty good, too.

i'm on like 150 or something like that now.


I think I should slow down, I want to keep a 20episode buffer incase I go crazy again.

good idea.

i just dled 106-128.

fuck it.

ill be hanging at work.

152 just got uploaded last night, I think.

I'm up to 92 now..fn overslept this morning because of 92. Good thing I didn't pull the trigger and watch 93... I was quite tempted.

lol fuck.

its almost 7am and ive been up watching Bleach.

i even skipped practice yesterday.

this Bounto story is alright once you give it a chance.


FUCK, I'm on episode 116 already..

It's gotten so bad, I'm watching 1 or 2 episodes AT WORK. LMAO

game over. :(

I know. :(


zaraki. nuff said.

I always like Byakuya the most -- he's just smooth. Everything I'm not. I'm probably closer to Ichiro -- just unpolished.

Zaraki is amazing just because he doesn't even use bankai and/or know the name of his zanpakuto.

in later manga, he's found it and holy shit.